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The Dominican Childhood Rheumatologic Foundation, “FDRI,” is a non-profit organization whose objective, amongst others, is the early identification and adequate treatment of childhood rheumatologic disorders. It provides the children with medications and diagnostic studies at very reduced costs.

The identification and treatment of these disorders is costly. Treatment involves periods of hospitalization, the use of physical therapists and other professional services, such as drugs and other treatments. Frequent outpatient visits are needed, as may be surgery. This all imposes a large financial burden on health-care systems and on families of children who suffer from rheumatic illnesses. Costs borne by families are both out-of-pocket as well as related to time spent in providing care, which may involve loss of income.

The Foundation relies solely on contributions by individuals like you. Your kind contribution will ensure that we can continue to provide these basic services so that every child no matter the nature of his or her illnesses will receive the best treatment available, so he or she can fulfill his or her given potential.

Thank you for your gift.

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